Our Clients On Yelp. WE Thank YOU!!!

Valued Treasures is amazing! Jennifer, the incredible owner, will stop at nothing to make her clients happy. We needed to hold an estate sale on very short notice, and Jennifer hit it out of the park. She and her team quickly took care of everything for us. We sold everything we wanted to sell at a great value. She and her team were organized, professional, and detail-oriented. They made us feel comfortable and secure, paid us timely, and were sensitive to our circumstances. Thank you, Jennifer! Valued Treasures is awesome, and you deserve a ton of praise!


Went to a great estate sale they had a couple of weeks ago. It was very organized, clean & reasonable prices. The staff was very helpful and friendly.  The lady (owner?) was professional & polite. I go to a lot of estate sales and I like the way this one was organized. I'll look for their sales from now on.

My grandma and I have gone to a few estate sales that valued treasures has set up and everything is organized and priced well. I appreciate the help of everyone working, very nice staff. We have picked out some great treasures. Thank you so much Jennifer. Keep up the great work and see you soon.

I have attended an Estate Sale held by the Valued Treasurers.
Everything was perfectly organized, very friendly, capable of explaining sophisticated items like art and jewelry, Jennifer was extremely helpful. We have purchased a lot

Vicror S, Buena Park

 We at Valued Treasures LLC are both honored and grateful for the opportunity to represent you and your family!! Your Comments and Letters Have Meant the World and WE THANK YOU!!!!


                                      (VILLA PARK)

My name is Judy and I wanted to tell you that Jennifer truly did an amazing job on my estate sale. She worked endlessly to organize, price and sell the contents of my large home and 45 years of memories. She was relentless and reached out to many sources to sell my "treasures." As far as I am concerned she is the best and I recommend her to everyone I know.


                                 (MISSION VIEJO)

Hello Jennifer,
I would like to thank you &
Laurie for the very professional way my Valued Possessions were sold.
Your company was excellent at every aspect of staging the house, making changes in merchandising in order to appeal to all types of potential buyers.
You worked very hard & did not mind moving the items so they looked their best for purchase.
Great job Jennifer & Laurie.
Your company was an excellent experience.
My best,

                     (Anaheim Hills)

Jennifer was amazing. I don't even know where to begin. My family and I had to move out very quickly and in one day, Jennifer and her team ran an excellent, efficient, and elegant estate sale in our home. Our estate sale occurred at a very difficult and emotional time in our lives as we had to move out of a house that we have lived in for nearly 40 years. Jennifer and her team were so sensitive to this and our needs. I am thrilled with the work she did.  I can't recommend her highly enough.

Heidi S.